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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weddings and a suicide

The author of a romantic self-help book used all his mistakes to provide bad advice to readers, hoping they would mess up their love lives and become lonely losers like him.
He feels embarrassed, regretful and depressed when he starts receiving thankful invites to reader’s weddings.


  1. Is this the script of a novel you are working on? With the right sharpness of wit, and a drastic overhaul of the cynical tone typical for such parodies, it sounds like something i'd like to read.


  2. Initially, this was just an idea for a story that I had never fleshed out. Subsequently, I entered it into a flash fiction competition, which had a maximum limit of 50 words.

    I’m glad it sounds like something you’d like to read.
    Is a cynical tone inappropriate in this case, or are you generally against cynicism?