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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The garden county of Yorkshire’s footpaths and demonic pitchforks

The Yorkshire moors haunted by Heathcliff and child murderers.

A Moroccan is on trial for raping a traveller,
He wasn’t the first: Yorkshire had its own ripper.

Acid thrown in the face of a woman who complained
When delinquents sat talking throughout Harry Potter.

Race riots rousing the explosive ghettos:
Chapeltown, Harehills, Ravenscliffe, Holmewood.

Insulted and spat at, scorned and insulted,
From Quarry Hill to little Beirut.

The bombers of Bradford: becoming a cliché,
Replacing the scared memories of World War two bombs.

The war of the roses has not yet ended.
The white rose of Yorkshire drenched red with blood,
Blackened by soot, and “dark satanic mills,”
God's Own County going to the devil:
BNP becomes MEP
A bigoted leader elected to represent Yorkshire.

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