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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We two Queens - A cruise carol

We two Queens of Wiltshire are,
To win, we’ll write for Samuel Cunard,
Dreaming, hoping, fantasising
Of a cruise aboard white star.

White Star of saunas for muscles tight,
A room with a desk so I can write,
Southampton leading, Zeebrugge proceeding,
Let us have four perfect nights.

Aboard a queen on seas to reign,
Words I write to her entertain,
Ours for four nights, yours forever
Lest you let us there remain.

White star of theatres to excite,
Stars on film screens to delight,
Bruges leading, Rotterdam proceeding,
Let us have four perfect nights.

“Words, words, words” to offer have I,
For marine luxury, I swap my pigsty,
Eating oysters, champagne tasting,
Joyful, salty tears I’ll cry.

White star sailing come twilight
Awestruck by the sublime sight,
Amsterdam leading, Cherbourg proceeding,
Let us have four perfect nights.

The dream of mine is an endless room,
A Borgesian library with infinite volumes,
Reading, thinking, writing, reciting,
Watching words begin to bloom.

White star of dinghies to inflate,
Channel sailing until late,
Normandy leading, Southampton proceeding,
Let us have four perfect nights.

Ship of beauty, a sight for sore eyes,
Land envies sea that engulfs her size,
Breaststroke, frog kick, doggy paddle
Below “De sterrennacht” sapphire skies.

White star of partying till light
Letting the atmos ignite,
Southampton leaving, Wiltshire proceeding,
Let us have just four more nights.

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